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Pedaling for Peace

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Being the Change I Wish to See!

I am often asked, "What was it that got you started on this project?". I have thought long and hard about that, as the miles slowly go by and the scenery changes and I have come upon a good as possible a reason, honestly and truly for how and why this ride came about. You see, on the Island of Hawaii, I became vegan. It wasn't something I thought about or pondered, it happened from one day to the next due to a catastrophic breakdown of my truck at a vegan community called GentleWorld.

This change in what I ate, would go on to cause such a cascade of change that I would find myself surfing at 30, learning to farm organically, practicing Chinese Medicine, Kung Fu, Yoga and Tai-Chi and generally looking at the world in a completely new light.

Here I am, now two plus years on the road and the rest of the world before me. Speaking at schools, teaching vegan cooking and nutrition, practicing basic medicine and teaching Kung Fu, doing clean ups of local spaces and helping to get gardens going. Most importantly, teaching people how easy it is to respect all life on the planet simply by living that example, Being the Change I Wish to See!