Running to raise awareness and help animals

Running 13.1 miles is nothing compared to the suffering that so many animals endure every day, all around the world. I care deeply about the welfare and rights of all animals, from dogs and cats who are neglected or discarded by their "guardians;" to chickens, turkeys, cows, and pigs exploited for their meat, milk, or eggs; to mice used in medical experiments; to elephants mistreated in circuses.

Please help me raise money to support PETA's programs that work to help animals through such methods as awareness-raising, legislative changes, direct rescue of animals, and more.

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Keep the momentum going!
I wanted to update you all and let you know that we're now the 8th highest fundraising team for PETA Pack! Amazing, huh? :D

Let's keep it up!

by Chelsea Conlin on Sat, Jul 27, 2013 @ 3:19 PM

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