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As you know, animals are my passion. They are my family and friends. I feel my prupose in life is to help the voiceless victims to live safe, comfortable lives as our neighbors on Earth. I strive to educate my students and even my own son the importance of treating all living things equally and respectfully. This is my 2nd year participating in the PETAPack running/cycling events. This is an opportunity for me to raise monery to help end abuse and suffering for animals along with continuing to promote healthy lifestyles through exercise and plant based nutrition. Please consider joining the PETA Pack and ride for your furry friends or donate to my page and help me reach my goal of $500.00!


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Welcome and Join me!
Thank you for viewing my personal page! Please consider joining the Northern Virginia PETA Pack team! Training rides and information to get you ready for a ride in October will be provided. I will help you with fundraising and give you support throughout! Register and create your own personal page today!

by Suzanne Elbeze on Thu, May 02, 2013 @ 1:41 PM

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