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About 7 Dogs that died on American Airlines

In Memory of the Seven Dogs that Died after an American Airlines Flight

This memorial is remembering the seven puppies that died tragically after being transported as cargo on an American Airlines flight to Chicago.

Flight 851 was an hour late taking off from Tulsa, Oklahoma, Tuesday morning. The flight arrived at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport by 9 a.m. with 14 dog kennels on board.

All the dogs were bound for other locations, but when ramp workers began the process of moving the dogs to the other flights, they noticed that the puppies looked so lethargic that they were taken from the airport to a veterinarian. Seven of the fourteen dogs later died.

The American Airlines website details rules for accepting dogs and cats on an aircraft. It says that "Temperature restrictions have been established to ensure animals are not exposed to extreme heat or cold." The website says pets cannot be accepted when the current or forecasted temperature is warmer than 85 degrees at any location on the itinerary. However, temperature at Tulsa International Airport was already 86 degrees at 7 a.m. before the plane's departure, and 87 degrees by 8 a.m.

Please help remember these puppies by making a donation to help other animals in need.

All memorial contributions to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals will help PETA contnuie its lifesaving work in behalf of animals. Any gift that you are able to make is greatly appreciated.

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Thu, Aug 05, 2010
it breaks my heart what has happened to you, i hope you can find happiness and a lot of love wherever you are now,

Thu, Aug 05, 2010
My heart just aches for these puppies who died such a senseless and miserable death. In NO WAY should this have happened. This is unacceptable. I hope that this tragedy will prevent something like this from ever happening again.
RIP sweet puppies.

Jennifer Yezek
Thu, Aug 05, 2010
Since they began, I have been a HUGE supporter of Pet Airways for this very reason.
THese poor innocent puppies, who's bodies were already in distress from the puppy mills they were most likely from, being seperated from the only place they've ever known, and then putting them in these airlines as cargo.. This is tragic.
Pet Airways is the ONLY way to go when traveling with your companions. I know it's a little extra buck, but when it comes to your beloved family pet or your new addition, it's worth it! ! !

Renee Legg
Thu, Aug 05, 2010
I Think it is a Crime that this happened!! I am so shaken up about thinking of the torture these poor babies went through. I Blame both the Airline and the person's who put these Babies on this plane to be shipped like luggage. Shame on you all!! May God have Mercy on your soul

Thu, Aug 05, 2010
I am crying as I think of those poor doggies suffering. Let's work to get people to stop shipping animals in cargo holds. God bless those poor little pups. As follows is my email to AA. I expect them to answer for their actions and make public new policies. Here is my email to them:
I am very disturbed by the death of the 7 dogs on your airline. I do not believe that a dog should be in the cargo area of a plane anyway and would never put my dog on a plane. Since others are more trusting, I would expect you to seriously revamp your procedures regarding animals. The temperature was too high and they were left with out water or ability to cool their bodies for too long. They must have been in agony and I AM LIVID. I expect you to make public your new policies that will avoid this type of thing in the future. Please address this. It is just mindblowing that someone did not speak up for those animals in time to save them.

Thu, Aug 05, 2010
This is so sad. There has to be a better way.
Claire - I'm pretty sure those 7 puppies already have owners + homes, so they'll probably be going back to those people.

Donna G
Thu, Aug 05, 2010
My heart actually hurts from reading this story. I sent an email to American Airlines urging them to stop this insanity of shipping animals in the cargo hold. How can people be so cruel..I just don't get it.

Thu, Aug 05, 2010
So sad. Animals should not be shipped like cargo.

Thu, Aug 05, 2010
Aww poor little things, I hope the remaining seven get great homes and R.I.P to the little angels that didn't make it. xxxxxxx

Thu, Aug 05, 2010
This is so terribly awful. I will never board my dogs as cargo--ever.

Records 426 - 435 of 435