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In Memory of Taima and her stillborn baby

In memory of Taima and all Orca's who died in captivity, their freedoms stripped away for the sake of entertainment.

In memory of Taima and all Orca's who died in captivity, their freedoms stripped away for the sake of entertainment.

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About Taima

Died June 7, 2010

On Sunday, June 7th, an orca named Taima died while giving birth to a stillborn calf at SeaWorld Orlando. The baby was conceived by Tilikum, the angry and frustrated orca who battered a trainer to death earlier this year—the third time he has killed a human.

For Taima, death was terrifying and painful, but it was a release from a miserable life of deprivation. In nature, orcas choose their own mates, and the families stay together for life. Ripped from her ocean home, Taima's own mother, Gudrun, died in captivity after a complicated delivery in which chains were used to extract her stillborn calf. Gudrun was called mentally ill and was known to be violent. Both mother orcas and their calves met their end alone in a tank full of chemically-treated water that must have felt like a bathtub to these animals, who were meant to explore the endless fathoms of the sea.

Taima will be forever in our hearts.

Donations to this memorial will support PETA's lifesaving work to help orcas and other animals suffering in captivity.

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