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About Blue

Prevent Pet Suffocation

Blue was our beautiful and loving young rescue-dog who livened up our household with his playful spirit and precocious antics. Sadly, Blue died tragically on December 15, 2011 due to suffocation from a Cheetos chip bag.

When I returned home from the store on December 15th, Blue did not greet me at the door. Searching all over my house, I finally found him upstairs, collapsed under a table, with a Cheetos bag covering his head. I was unable to revive him with CPR.

When an animal puts his head deep into a chip bag, the mylar-like material of the bag creates a vacuum-like suction, and begins to tighten around the animal's neck. As the animal panics and tries to breathe, the suction becomes tighter, suffocating the pet within minutes. It is a devastating way to die!

My goal is to educate the public on the suffocation risks to pets and children from chip bags. I want to get companies like Frito-Lay and other distributors of these snack foods to put warning labels on the bags. Meanwhile, please cut up your chip bags after use!

Please consider making a donation to PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, to help other animals in need. All memorial contributions to PETA help continue its dedicated work on behalf of our animals, who do not have a voice of their own. Any gift that you make will be greatly appreciated!

Please visit my Facebook Page "Prevent Pet Suffocation" which was created to help enlighten others about the dangers of pet suffocation at

Through all of our efforts, we can help raise public awareness on how to better protect our sweet pets, so another dog or cat does not have to die needlessly. Thank you so much!

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Mon, Jan 12, 2015
Hi this has just happened to us this evening. Our 9month old baby girl, boxer x collie. Can't believe it's real. Same situation as yours, came home and found her. We always were careful to move everything away from her reach but obviously this time not far back enough. Totally devastated :(

Mon, Jul 28, 2014
I am really sorry about your loss :(
I live in singapore, and today is the 2nd day of the Chinese Lunar 7th month, when spirits come back to Earth and roam around for a month until the end of August.
I am sure that your dog would go back to visit you too. A common saying here is that spirits turn into moths and go back to their former home for a visit :)

Renee Jendras
Tue, Oct 30, 2012
Sorry that this tragedy happened to your loving pet and your family. I appreciate you thinking of others and warning us of this hazard.

Thu, May 17, 2012
The same thing happened to my American Eskimo, Kia, less than a year ago. She was 13 years old. She suffocated in a cereal bag. We came home and couldn't find her. We looked all over the neighborhood. After an hour of looking, our other dog let us know that Kia was behind our end table. Her head was stuck behind the table, and the bag was over her head. It was the single most traumatic thing I have ever been through, and I still have a great amount of guilt for leaving a bag where she could get it. I feel terrible that she had to suffer that way.

Sat, May 05, 2012
As the "mama" of four wonderful dogs, I can only imagine the loss and sadness you must feel. I am so very sorry about Blue. They come into our lives and give so much love, then move on. They are like wonderful angels. Know he is fine now. He is in the Light, and loving you still with peace and protection. Talk to him, and know that he hears, with tag wagging. God bless you and Blue. Christine

Mon, Apr 30, 2012
xoxo hugs and licks 4 ever

Elaine Modlin
Wed, Apr 18, 2012
I am so sorry for your loss. I just wanted to tell you about an incident i had as animal control officer. Its been about 10 years ago now but i will never forget it. I had a call about an injured stray dog in someones back yard and when i went i found a dog dead with his head stuff in a milk carton that apparently the people had opened the top and dumped something in it and then threw away and the dog suffocated after he had gotten his head stuff in the carton. Such a tragic scene i will never forget. Sorry again for your loss of Blue.

Fri, Apr 13, 2012
I am sorry to hear about the death of your dog. He is an amazing and wonderful dog, and I am sad that he will be missed, but he will always be remembered. I heard about his death on this article. I read about your dog when I first joined PETA, and I knew he was very terrific, despite the fact that I am afraid of dogs. From this moment on, I vow to cut up my chip bags after I use them. Sorry again about your dog! And I hope you will feel better and move on.

Renee Gough
Thu, Apr 12, 2012
I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing your story to prevent other animals and families from suffering the same fate. I will be careful to cut the bags and pass the word to my family and friends. I do donate to PETA, so we can all help improve the lives of animals everywhere!

Thu, Apr 12, 2012
Sorry to hear your story about your sweet Blue. Huge hugs to you and your family.

Thu, Apr 12, 2012
Tina M Jackson
the same thing happened to my dog ziggy in 08 i had been down the beach with her and her best friend hyidee who i still have and my daughter we stoppped in the pub in my home town the dogs were tired after running on the beach all day so thought they wld be fine in my kombi just sleeping when we went to leave ziggy had a large nacho bag on her head and was no longer with us i cldnt believe it broke my heart i thought dogs wld tried there hardest the get things off there head there were rummors that someone did it but now ive heared poor blues story maybe it was an accident im so sorry for your loss but i now rip all bags before putting them in the bin thanks for sharing

Rachel Thompson
Thu, Apr 12, 2012
I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful four legged family member and bestfriend. Thanks so much for you awarness to other pet owners about the dangers of mylar bags. I myself would never of thought of it in a million years. Blue I am sure, is sooo proud of you.
Thu, Apr 12, 2012
Thank you for the note. One of my little dogs died yesterday. But I am grateful for the time God gave us together.
Love, Herbert

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