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My birthday wish!

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page!

To celebrate my birthday this year (December 21st), I'm asking you to make a special donation as my birthday gift. Supporting my Change Makers campaign is simple and secure and will help PETA continue its lifesaving work for all animals.

A gift of $6 can buy a toy for a lonely backyard dog.

A gift of $12 can pay the printing costs for 100 vegetarian/vegan starter kits.

A gift of $25 can provide a humane education kit to a classroom.

A gift of $50 can help pay for a spay or neuter surgery for a neglected dog or cat.

A gift of $100 can help retire a working donkey or bullock in India through Animal Rahat, a program supported by PETA.

Many thanks for your support--and don't forget to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate to help animals too!

Thank you for helping me reach my birthday wish!

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Fri, Feb 04, 2011
Animals are getting tormented every day. A few forms of torture are slaughter houses, animal testing and dog fighting. Around 72 million animals are killed every day. Many people are passionate about protesting against these forms of torture. In the further paragraphs, I will be talking about the different kinds of animal abuse, why it is wrong and what we can do to stop it.
Many people are not aware of what exactly a slaughter house is. In simple terms, a slaughter house is a building or place where animals are tortured for human purposes. Without sympathy, the workers harm the animals in many ways. Some of these ways include putting red chilli peppers into their eyes, breaking their legs so they are unable to move, or throwing them into boiling water. There are a couple ways of slaughtering that are used. One is to cut off the head of the animal. Another is the halal method. The halal method is when the neck is slit in two and a half spots while they are awake and that forces them to bleed to death. In this process the animal is alive and aware that it is bleeding. Some people also bury the animals head in the ground so the animal suffocates to death. These are some of the reasons why I am against slaughter houses. I protest against slaughter houses because they are torturing animals for human purposes. We, as a society, could do a lot to help stop this cruel torture. Many people have become vegetarians in hope that this may cut down the amount of animals killed.
Animal testing is the process in which animals are used for experiments. Millions of mice, rabbits, cats, dogs and other animals are put in cold cages in laboratories across the world. All they can do is sit there until they are needed for an experiment, where a painful procedure will be performed on them. The waiting and boredom can cause some animals to go crazy. They may start spinning in circles, pulling out their own hair and biting their own skin. After going through a life of pain and loneliness almost all of them are killed. At least 100 million animals are injured and killed in drug, food and cosmetic tests. They also test things like household cleaners. By this many animals are blinded, poisoned and killed every year. To help stop this animal cruelty many people can stop buying products that have been animal tested. By doing this, companies who use animals for experiments will get the message that animal testing is not appreciated. This can cut down the amount of animals used for testing.
Dog fighting is a type of gambling where dogs are forced to fight. Dog fighting is used for entertainment purposes where people have to pay admission fees and gambling fees. The owners of many dog fighters breed them by combining the strongest, heaviest, and scariest looking dogs. These dogs are made to fight, sometimes even to death. The audience Gambles on which dog will win, and whoever guess' right wins the money. The dogs do not get a choice of whether they want to fight or not, they are forced. Even though the dogs are bred to be strong they still feel pain while fighting. This is cruelty towards them. Even though this is illegal in many countries, people still do it. One way a community could stop this from happening is by not taking part in it, and reporting anyone who does to the police.
These are all a few forms of animal cruelty. As read, many animals are killed on a daily basis for the purpose of humans. Slaughter houses injure poor animals so that people can satisfy their hunger. Animal testing uses animals to experiment on products for human use. Dog fighting exists for the entertainment pleasure of humans. There are many things that can be done to stop this. Since humans play a huge part in the existence of all this animal cruelty, humans can help stop it.

Eric Chan
Mon, Dec 20, 2010
Happy Birthday kiddo!

Tue, Dec 07, 2010
Great Picture and great idea too.
Love ya, Linda

Hina Ayub
Fri, Dec 03, 2010
Michelle, you are such a beautiful person, inside and out! Best wishes for your birthday! **hugs**

Kate Steen
Thu, Dec 02, 2010
What a great idea!!
Amazing picture!!! I love pigs, they have such wonderful personalities- that pig sure looks happy!!! :)

Rebecca Weingart
Wed, Dec 01, 2010
What a great idea, Michelle!

Michelle Cehn
Wed, Dec 01, 2010
Cutest phot ever!! Good luck fundraising, the animals are lucky to have you :)

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