A cozy bed for cold winter nights !

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As you get into your warm bed on a cold and snowy night this winter - pause a moment and think of those animals out in the cold black night with no shelter, exposed to the elements, and most likely with an empty stomach. It takes so little of us to make a big, wonderfull difference in the miserable lifes of these poor animals. This Christmass, Peta want to give warm, cozy strawfilled doghouses to dogs that have no shelter . Please will you help me raise money for this wonderfull project. Give a gift of love for one of God's creatures. I Feel passionate about the wellbeing of all animals. Every little bit goes towards the common goal of us all who cares about and loves animals. Thank you for helping this Christmass. People like you give all of us hope for a future where there will be no more abuse and neglect.

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Fri, Nov 19, 2010
I love PETA's doghouse program - it is so heartbreaking to see the dos tied up with no shelter in the winter. Thanks so much for fundraising!