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Chloe Pebbles Winn

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About Chloe Pebbles Winn

Chloe was my best friend. I got her when I was a little girl. She was very sweet, loving and always wanted to cuddle with me. She had the cutest little face. My sister's hamster, Marie, and Chloe would race around the house to see who would get back to the living room first. It was so funny because they both knew there way around the house. Chloe loved her ball. She would roam around the whole house in her ball. I wanted to take her everywhere I went, but I knew that I couldn't. One of the worst days of my life is when I came home from school and Chloe wasn't with us anymore. I couldn't understand why she was gone. My mom put her in a box and onto a shelf in our massage room, and I would always sneak in there and talk to Chloe. I would open the box and pet her and tell her about things, because I was worried she would be lonely. Chloe wasn't just a hamster, but she was a true friend.