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To my loving parents who taught me to love animals and appreciate them. I am honored that as parents, you loved animals and treated them so well. Maybe now you can help even more as you have crossed over with many of our beloved animals. I love you forever. We are always connected.

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Wed, Nov 11, 2015
Thanks for a great article
Fri, Oct 30, 2015
Thanks for a great article
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شبیه سازی با متلب

Thu, Oct 15, 2015
Sister team had 'molly

Officers searching a township apartment for drugs last week also found thousands of dollars worth of stolen jewelry, police announced on monday.
Amanda l.Karnuk, 26, of royal crescent apartments and her brother, 27 year old anthony j.Karnuk of monroe township, were arrested after a dec.10 warrant search of the unit in the complex 1000 building.
Police and members of the gloucester county prosecutor office guns, gangs and narcotics task force searched the apartment after a month long investigation of possible drug distribution there.They said they seized about an eighth of an ounce of mdma, or which is generally pure powder form of the main drug in ecstasy.
They also reported finding less than 50 grams of marijuana, along with digital scales, drug paraphernalia and packaging materials.But police also allegedly found what they called a large amount jewelry still in boxes and seven expensive michael kors watches.
The gold and silver jewelry had been taken in a smash and grab burglary at williamstown diamonds fine jewelry on the black horse pike, police said.The high end watches had been taken in a home burglary in cherry hill township, dec.4, they added.
The items taken in both break ins were returned to the owners, police said.
Following the royal crescent apartment search, amanda karnuk was charged with possession of less than 50 grams of marijuana, possession of a controlled dangerous substance(The molly), possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of stolen property(The watches, valued at $1, 200).
Anthony karnuk, meanwhile, was charged with receiving stolen property(The jewelry valued at about $1, 500).
Monroe township police charged him with burglary and theft, and he was committed to the salem county correctional facility in default of $50, 000 bail.Cases include the recent arrests of four at a rowan university campus apartment after police allegedly found three quarters of a pound of the drug, along with lsd, inside the unit.
Molly is usually sold in pure, crystalline form in capsules, east greenwich police said.It produces a surge of the chemical serotonin, which causes feelings of euphoria and affection for others, as well as sensory and time lapse distortion.
The effects last about three to six hours, and users commonly take another dose when they wear out.
But molly use depletes the brain supply of serotonin, resulting in depression, confusion, sleep problems, a strong desire for drugs and anxiety.Those effects can come soon after the use of molly, or in the days or weeks following.
Heavy users can suffer those effects, along with attention and memory problems, for longer, police said.But some such effects, they added, may be due to the use of other drugs along with molly, especially marijuana.
Mon, Oct 05, 2015
Thanks for a great article

Tue, Sep 15, 2015
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Thu, Aug 20, 2015
Shingle has digitized its circuit of 60 screen

Gaul's mk2 is entering the international 3d sales biz.The shingle, a french digital cinema pioneer, has digitized its circuit of 60 screens, and has been very successful programming opera and sports events in its theaters, said mk2 prexy nathanael karmitz.Now it's looking to sell at least one high profile 3d entertainment based feature a year for foreign theatrical and tv, according to karmitz.The first 3d project on its sales slate is"Crazy horse paris feu by christian louboutin in 3d,"An omnibus of 12 live acts at paris' iconic club designed by louboutin and directed by france's bruno hullin, whose credits include the 2010 world cup sportscasts.The 80 minute"Crazy horse"Also features interviews with louboutin and performers.David lynch composed a musical piece for the show, as did natacha atlas.Mk2's core business is, and will remain, its production of four features a year, karmitz said.Three mk2 productions play cannes official selection:Walter salles'"On the road,"Abbas kiarostami's"Like someone in love,"Both in competition, and xavier dolan's"Laurence anyways,"In un certain regard.

Tue, Aug 18, 2015

Fri, Aug 14, 2015

Wed, Aug 12, 2015
Shoes fit

Four million children are wearing the wrong size shoes, according to new research.Why?
It a common part of childhood, the trip to the shoe shop and your feet being measured.But according to new research conducted by clarks, there are still four million children in shoes that don fit them.
Parents who squeeze their child feet into the wrong sized shoes could be condemning them to a lifetime of problems.From blisters, pressure sores and ingrowing toe nails in the short term, to feet deformities like hammer toe and knee and posture problems in the long term.The list goes on.
People need to take as much care of their children feet as they do with their teeth, say podiatry professionals.If that the case, why are so many children in shoes that don fit?
Neglect, budget constraints, convenience and fashion are all to blame, says dr gordon watt, lecturer in podiatry at glasgow caledonian university.
Continue reading the main storythe answer
"People think of feet as smelly,"He says. "They often just forget about them, when they should actually take much more of an interest. "
Children feet tend to grow rapidly in the first four years of their life, but it can take up to 18 years for the foot bones, muscles and ligaments to harden into adult form.So teenage feet need to be looked after as well as those of smaller children.
According to the research, one in 10 parents say their children have continued to wear shoes that are too small for them.Half admit to only buying new shoes when their children complain their feet are hurting.
Podiatry experts say many people neglect their children feet because they simply don understand the problems an ill fitting pair of shoes can cause.Two fifths of parents admitted to buying shoes that were too big so their children could grow into them over time, saving money.When it came to actually purchasing footwear, a quarter of parents said they based their decision on the cost.
The rise of cheaper shoes, sold without expert advice and proper fitting in stores and supermarkets, has also had an impact.Not only do they cost less, but they are often more convenient to buy than taking a child to a proper shoe shop for a fitting.
But it a false economy in more ways than one, says bob hardy, a leading expert on shoe fitting and fellow of the society of shoe fitters.
"Not only are the health of their child feet at risk, cheaper shoes often fall apart and people end up going back two or three times for a new pair.They end up paying the same as they would have for well made, properly fitted shoes.
"Also, these shoe often don come in half sizes or different widths, both of which are important if you want a shoe to fit properly. "
Fashion trends also sway one in ten parents.This is a particular problem among older children and teenagers.
"Often fashionable shoes offer very little support,"Says dr watt. "Take the current trend for ballet pumps among girls.They offer no support and are very flat.If you have an active child running around in them it could lead to achilles [tendon] problems in the future. "
There are checks that parents can do at home to make sure their child shoe fits properly, says mr hardy.
Continue reading the main storywho, what, why?
There should be no more than a 14mm gap between the big toe and end of a shoe in a new pair.Anything less than 8mm and it time to visit the shoe shop and get another pair.When it comes to width, the shoe should be supporting the foot, not squeezing it.
It is worth going to a shoe shop because proper shoe fitters will have undergone specialist training, either through their employer or with the society of shoe fitters.
What parents should also remember is there are variations in shoe sizing due to factors like the place they are made, says mr hardy.German shoes, for example, are wider than italian.
Because of this a child foot should be measured every time they get new shoes and parents should not rely on the size printed inside the shoe, he says.
Finally, make sure both feet are measured, as one can be larger than the other.
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Fri, Aug 07, 2015
Argentina's unstoppable adolfo cambiaso leads dubai to fourth title

Follow the telegraph's dedicated polo channel this summer
It took two chukkas before the final of the british open polo championship between aiyawatt srivaddhanaprabha king power side and dubai became a fascinating game of high goal polo, with superb play by the two 10 goalers, cambiaso playing at back for dubai and king power number 3 gonzalito pieres.
Rashid albwardy choice of alastair paterson(3 goals)At number 2 and the brilliant goal scoring of 7 goal diego cavanagh at number 3, had proved to be an almost unstoppable force throughout the championship.
But the big surprise of the tournament was king power reaching the final at their first year in the gold cup.Throughout the four weeks of matchplay, king power talented patron srivaddhanaprabha delighted spectators with his gutsy play and excellent record of goal scoring.
With pablo llorente(5 goals)As his number 2 and the experienced marcos di paola(7 goals)At back, the team had won all their matches to take them through to the final.
Dubai were first to score with a neat field goal from rashid albwardy.When cambiaso fouled pieres towards the end of the first chukka, a penalty enabled king power to draw level.In a messy second chukka every goal came from a penalty to end 4 3 in dubai favour.
A more free flowing third chukka saw pieres stop a strong forward pass by cambiaso and pass the ball to llorente, who raced off to send a massive hit from way down the field resulting in a superb goal.King power were equal once again.Dubai notched up two goals before pieres shut out cambiaso allowing di paola to score a splendid goal to equalise again at 5 5.
But it wasn long before the white shirts gave away a penalty which cavanagh shot through to take the lead again for dubai.Cambiaso clearly wanted to go into half time with a clear advantage and like a cat after a mouse pounced on the ball, played it around the opposition and then took off for the goal to send the ball between the posts for a lead of 7 5.
After the tread in the teams came back onto the field to a throw in, won by dubai.A mighty hit at goal by cambiaso went wide, once again he found the space to approach the goal but that shot too failed.
Finally his non stop efforts paid with his second field goal of the match.
A good piece of action from king power saw di paola just fail to get the goal he wanted, but llorente was on hand to capture the ball and pass it to pieres who weaved his way through the opposition to score.
Soon a foul gave diego cavanagh the chance to put through a 30 yard hit between the posts to take dubai further into the lead on 9 6 to close the fourth chukka.
A thrilling chukka 5 belonged to king power even though the first goal went to cavanagh from a spot hit awarded to dubai.A penalty 3 gave gonzalito the chance to loft a superb ball through for 7 10 and he followed up with three superb field goals despite tremendous pressure from the dubai players, levelling the scores again at 10 10.
But a penalty awarded to dubai saw cavanagh score and take dubai ahead once more to close the chukka.
Cambiaso was away from the first throw in of chukka six and tapped his way forward.A splendid under the neck shot took dubai on to 12 10.
Off he went again but was fouled and a 60 yard penalty awarded.A mighty hit from cavanagh gave dubai a lead of 13 10.The next throw in saw pablo llorente away with the ball and determined to keep it despite a 7 goaler and a 10 goaler in his way.
Weaving his way round them he kept control of the ball and sent it through for 11 13 to huge applause.King power carried on fighting, three fantastic attempts by gonzalito pieres simply couldn find the goal.
The peter holman award for most valuable player went to adolfo cambiaso, who was presented with an engraved jaeger lecoultre reverso grande taille, steel, watch by zahra kassim lakha, director uk market global strategy, at jaeger lecoultre.
Elsa corbineau, director of marketing, champagnes, mot hennessy, presented the veuve clicquot saddle to the highest goal scorer of the british open polo championship to gonzalito pieres who had scored 48 goals during the tournament(Diego cavanagh scored 46).
Rose harper presented the harper spurs to srivaddhanaprabha, the traditional presentation to the patron of the runners up.
Best playing pony
The best playing pony award was presented by gaston lauhle on behalf of the argentine polo pony breeders association to primicia, owned and ridden by adolfo cambiaso

Wed, Aug 05, 2015
Seattle fashion blog

Here's a shot from the international interior design association's"Fashion + fusion"Show that i judged with ignite models' allison hempehpour(Left), Project Runway's Christopher Straub(2nd from left)And mnfashion founder anna lee(Right).Also pictured are hollie mae of hmstyling(Middle)And jessica cunningham of ignite models(2nd from right).I wore a vintage cheetah print blouse with leather leggings.Super comfy.
Next up is a shot from pink hobo's halloween party.As you can see, i declined to dress up.It would've been the second night in a row, since this party was actually on halloween(Sunday).I've discussed my feelings about halloween before, so this should come as no surprise.While tontie dressed as garbage, scott dressed as a caveman and kathleen dressed as carmen sandiego, i wore a vintage blouse and sweater with a skirt acquired at a clothing swap.My necklace is by bionic unicorn.
Here i am with sarah white of jagress intimates(Middle)And meghan mcandrews of high plains thrifter at sceneasota a few weeks ago.I decided not to wear bottoms that night;There's just something about oversized sweaters and tights that make me feel cozy.Who needs pants?Meg and i had a lovely time clomping around the city in our clogs.Aren't hers adorable?I believe they're jeffrey campbells.
Last but not least, here's a shot from the mia's third thursday fashion party, which i blogged about here.I'm standing next to the ever stylish molly roark.I need to get beauty tips from that girl.Her makeup always looks flawless, just like it does in this photo.She's doing something right.
Basically, i don't want to look like i just stepped off a compound in utah.
The key is to keep this look chic, of course, is in the styling.While chloe's character is often wearing long, floral skirts, she pairs them with frilly blouses buttoned all the way up to her chin.I like to add a masculine touch, like a chambray blouse with the top three buttons undone and the sleeves rolled up, or a fitted, sexy cashmere sweater with a pendant necklace or a colorful scarf.
Shoes are also important i've been pairing my long skirts with combat boots, clogs, and, in warmer months, sandals.A waist belt is also super cute, but find a more clean, modern style, as opposed to the western type chloe wears.
Hair is probably the most obvious polygamist giveaway.I'd avoid any type of prim, conservative style when wearing long skirts.Try loose, messy curls or a stick straight look.
Last but not least, accessorize.Throw on a cute bowler cap, slouchy beanie, ankle socks, bangles, cocktail rings whatever it's going to take to keep things contemporary, not matronly.
I know it's thanksgiving and i'm supposed to be counting my blessings, but online shopping is way more fun, doncha think?Here's some stuff i'm coveting in a major way.
Alexander mcqueen biker jacket zip booties, $1, 155, neiman marcuspleated leather skirt, neiman marcuslong, flowing, high waisted skirtsalexa chung for madewell silk margot skirt, $158, madewell
Jeffrey campbell solvang clogs, $188, free people
Avedon fashion coffee table book, $100, barnes noble
Aztec leggings, $34, need supplyjuicy couture polka dot chain link mini bag, $148, neiman marcusderek lam segmented pullover, $590, barneys new yorkwelder jeans, $98.50, Madewell

Thu, Jul 23, 2015
3rd round of bids and an even lower price possible for Atlantic City's former Revel casino A third round of bidding and an even lower purchase price for atlantic city's former revel casino hotel could be in the offing following a court ruling wednesday that did little to clarify the future of the star crossed and shuttered casino.Bankruptcy court judge gloria burns refused to extend the deadline for the casino to be sold to florida developer glenn straub now that monday's deadline had passed.But she did not rule on a request by the casino's owners, revel ac, to approve their termination of the $95.4 million sale to Straub's Polo North Country Club, and the casino's intention to keep Straub's $10 million deposit. Revel attorney john cunningham said it's likely the company will seek a third potential buyer for the casino, which cost $2.4 billion to build, never turned a profit and closed Sept.2 after just over two years of operation. "We're ready to move on from polo north,"He said. "We're ready to find a new buyer.We have zero confidence in polo north's ability to close. " Straub's attorney, stuart moskovitz, said he remains willing to close as soon as issues involving the legal rights of former tenants at the casino, including nightclubs and restaurants, as well as a power plant that provides all revel's utility services, can be decided. "We were anxious to move forward, and we still are,"Moskovitz said. "We are anxious to close as quickly as possible, but we need to know what we're closing on. " Burns said that if she approves revel's termination of the deal, bidders including straub would be free to submit new, presumably lower offers for the casino.Moskovitz said that remains a possibility. "If we can buy this for $40 million instead of $95.4 million, why not? "He said after the hearing had concluded. In the hallway outside court, straub complained to cunningham about the latest turn of events, suggesting his time and money could be better spent elsewhere. "Are we investing in miami and spending $2 billion there? "He asked. Then referring to difficulties with the proposed Revel deal,He asked, "Why do we want to deal with $15 million in legal fees, power being shut off?What you guys are doing is affecting a lot of people's lives. " One of the big obstacles to the completion of the deal is unpaid bills and debt from the construction of revel's power plant.Acr energy partners is threatening to cut off utility service to the building unless it is assured it will be paid.That issue led the previous purchaser, toronto based brookfield asset management, to scrap its deal to buy revel for $110 million in november. Robert schechter, an attorney for many of the former revel business tenants, urged the judge to get a sale done that protects their $16 million investment.