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A gentle word, like summer rain, may soothe the heart, and banish pain. Anne was like family to me so was the most sweetest and caring person that you whould have ever meet... i what i remeber about her the most is two things that she loved to be outside and walk threw her garden and that she loved animals more than any person i have ever known.. i will miss her with all my heart... when ever i think about her i will always picture a rose because she was so unique and beautiful she was... i will miss you anne forever and ever...u will always have a place in my heart......

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Thu, Aug 20, 2015
Sherwood jail inmate dies in police custody

Sherwood police confirm a central arkansas man died hours after police arrested him and his wife friday.
Monday the police released a statement saying don jackson had a medical emergency before he was rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead.His wife shameka was just feet away throughout the entire ordeal.
It all started when police stopped the jacksons on the highway over for a traffic violation.Shameka jackson says the situation escalated when police asked her husband, don, to get out of the vehicle.
"Step out the car, he reached to unlock the seat belt, before he could unlock it, they ripped him out the car, my seat belt is torn,"She says.
While pointing to the broken buckle, jackson claimed things got even worse.
"I see them out the corner punching him, kicking him"She claims.
She says they were both arrested and brought to the sherwood police department where they could talk through their holding cells.
Jackson says she remembers her husband saying,"Meka? "
She says they talked back and forth saying,"Yeah babe, you ok?I'm fine.He's like 'i love you, ' i love you too.I prayed. "
Then she says she heard more voices.
"They said, 'having a seizure, he's having a seizure.We need some medical attention back here guys,"Jackson recalls.
She says she didn't know it was her husband until she heard police say,"Mr.Jackson"And she saw her husband unresponsive on a stretcher.
"They had his right hand cuffed to the bed, he had on underwear, his socks, his shoes and the shirt i got out for him,"She says.
Hours later, the father of her children was pronounced dead at the hospital.Now, she and her family are fighting for answers, trying to learn what led up to his death.

Tue, Aug 18, 2015

Wed, Aug 12, 2015
Shoes articles

Shoes are a mainstay in any woman wardrobe.One of the most frequent pieces of advice given by celebrity stylists is: "Buy moderately priced clothing, but invest in good shoes. "Shoes have been elevated from utilitarian accessory to a status symbol that, among women, is like the equivalent of driving a luxury car.
Some of the most sought after shoe designers include(But are certainly not limited to):Manolo blahnik, christian louboutin, jimmy choo, marc jacobs, prada, chloe, coach, and christian dior.Popular styles for women include high heeled pumps, kitten heels, wedges, sandals, boots of varying heights, and ballet flats.
Men wear shoes, too, but let face it:Men shoes are not nearly as fabulous.For men, the options are sneakers, loafers, sandals, and dress shoes.Popular men shoe designers include cole haan, kenneth cole, ed hardy, and bruno magli.
The earliest known shoes date back to around 8000 bce;However, since most shoes are made of leather, it is likely that shoes existed far earlier.Initially developed out of necessity, shoes became a fashion accessory sometime around the 17th century.

Fri, Aug 07, 2015
Argentina's love affair with polo

A player putting a horse through its paces at the la superba stud farm
In the action packed world of professional polo, such are the renowned skills of argentine players that those who play for overseas clubs are called"Hired assassins".
The assassins go to europe and the us for summer in the northern hemisphere, before returning to argentina for the main spring polo season in their home country, which runs from the end of september to early december.
The men are in high demand because the standard of polo in argentina is widely regarded as the best in the world.Indeed, in the current world rankings nine of the top 10 players are argentine, as are 15 of the top 20.
The country leads the way in polo because people there are obsessed with the game.
"There's a culture of horses in this country,"Says bill buchanan, manager of the argentine association of polo pony breeders. "That's why polo became so popular. "
He adds that polo could have been invented for argentina's vast, fertile, lowland grass plains, known as the pampas or pampa.
"The natural conditions of the land makes breeding polo horses easy,"He says. "Our pampa is ideal territory for polo. "
Industry of small firms
Just like in football there are precocious horses, and others are slow learnersfernando monteverde, la superba stud farm
While polo in the uk may have an elitist image, in argentina it is a populist sport, with big matches attracting crowds of more than 30, 000 people, and being broadcast live on television.
There are more than 3, 000 active polo players nationwide, more than any other country.
Yet unlike other sports such as football and rugby, which are dominated by global sportswear brands, most of the businesses that keep polo going in argentina are small, often family run companies.
The plethora of these companies again stems from the country's strong horse culture, says bill buchanan.These small firms do everything from provide the horses, to train the riders, and make the polo mallets, or sticks as they are also known.
Polo facts
The game is said to have originated in persia, which is present day iran
The british were introduced to the sport in india in the late 19th century, and went on to establish the rules of the modern game.British settlers introduced the game in argentina in the 1870s
A polo team is made up of four riders and their horses, with the aim being to drive a small white wooden or plastic ball into the opposition's goal
A game consists of four to eight periods called chukkas.Each chukka lasts seven minutes
Polo was an olympic sport from 1900 to 1936.Argentina are the reigning olympic champions
The game is played professionally in 16 countries
Polo poniespolo was enthusiastically adopted by argentines after the british began playing it in the country in the 1870s, and its popularity has never waned.
Top polo matches in argentina attract large crowds, and are shown live on television
To try to create the best horse for the sport, the native argentine criollo horses, known for their endurance, were crossed with english thoroughbreds, for their speed and grace, to produce the argentine polo pony.
At the la superba stud farm near the city of lujan, 70km(43 miles)West of the capital buenos aires, they have been breeding, taming and trading argentine polo ponies for the past six years.
"By the age of two the horse has been tamed.From that moment on it's trained to learn the game,"Says co founder fernando monteverde.
The foals begin their polo training when they are two years old
"First you start little by little, and then you introduce more advanced techniques.Just like in football there are precocious horses, and others are slow learners. "

Wed, Aug 05, 2015
Seattle times newspaper

The fashions at music events can be transfixing more compelling, at times, than those at the oscars.The attendees seem a little less stuffy, the dresses and personalities sometimes border on outrageous, and there never seems to be a shortage of moments where i find myself wondering,"What was she thinking? "
The billboard music awards were no exception.Model nayer draped herself in men's neck ties, sinbad attempted to rock a bejeweled pirate blouse, and fergie went dominatrix in a herve leger by max azria atelier mini.On stage, shades of pure white popped up in a military trench for mary j.Blige, a michael jackson ish suit for far east movement frontman kev nish and a futuristic"Tron"Inspired number for nicki minaj.
Fire haired songstress rihanna, who took home awards for radio artist of the year and best female artist, stole the show in white leather lingerie for a steamy performance of"S before rihanna saddled up for some hip thrusting, pole dancing and a pillow fight with britney spears, viewers got to see a very different, much sleeker side of the artist when she walked the red carpet in a tailored men's max azria white suit, super low v neck blouse, a gold tassel necklace and nude christian louboutin heels.

Sun, Jan 04, 2015