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Bess 'Go-Go' Olynyk

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About Bess 'Go-Go' Olynyk

ever since i was the age of 2, i have loved this horse more than anything. we were truly unseparable from day one. i'd go and lay with her when she was laying down, i could climb all over her and she wouldn't move an inch. i'd be with her day in and day out. she was the only one i'd tell my secrets to. and she could always sense my emotions and react likely with them. when i was sad, she was gentle and calm with me. when i was happy, she was outgoing and playful. when i was angry, she'd do silly things to cheer me up. she was the best darn thing that ever happened to me. one horrible day is when it all ended. when i was 12, me and my grandparents were making our yearly summer trip to the mountains to go riding. Bess was never ever hard to load into the trailer. but this year it was different. it's like she knew something bad would happen up there. i believe she saved my life. so we tried to load her, but after an hour of trying many HUMANE ways to get her in, we gave up. my grandma came over to see how come i hadn't left yet, and she thought she would be smart enough to get her in. well, this lady has no heart. she hit her, kicked her, even tried winching her in, she would not even put a foot in the trailer. well my grandma brought out a chain and put that around her nose. and then winched her in... and the chain broke Bess's nose and she was unable to breathe. i was held back, in hysterics, that entire time. i watched my best friend die. and i couldn't do nothing about it. dad held me back so i wouldn't get hurt by trying to get my horse out of grandma's hands. it was the most horrible thing that has ever happened to me. 4 years later, it still pains me so deep. i often cry about her death. theres not a day i go without thinking about her. she was truly the best thing ever.

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