Team training to stop animal abuse

Inspired by my older sister--Alejandra Colmenero, I am now a part of Peta Pack. I am looking forward to helping animals and doing my best to support! Nothing better than knowing I am helping PETA (world's most powerful group fighting for animal rights) raise funds to help and save animals :)

Please read more about  animal abuse, a vegetarian/vegan diet, and what you can do to help animals, personal benefits, and the environment :). Remember, animals are our loving friends! And if you'd like to know more you can contact me as well.

 For further information please visit Alejandra Colmenero's page:

Thank you so much for your time and support!



(P.S. To all my supporters: Your name will be displayed on my page when you donate onlineor by mail.  You can send cash or checks to:       

PETA Foundation Attn.: Michelle Cehn

554 Grand Ave. Oakland, CA 94610