In grade 9 I had to do a research project on a topic that interested me. I chose animal testing. Ever since then I have been in animal activist. I have become vegetarian and I will only buy vegan products. I have been helping raise awareness about products that are tested on animals and I am going to be working at the Marin Humane Society. I hope to raise money for all aspects of animal rights whether it be animal testing, abuse, fur farming, and everything else. Animals are extremely important to me and a lot of people. They make us happy when no when else can, they listen to us, and yes they have feelings. I believe that they are like children in the sense that they are completely innocent and I do not believe that they should be treated the way they do. For that reason I want to raise money for PETA to help the animals! After this, I will continue to raise money.  EVERY BIT COUNTS AND IS APPRECIATED GREATLY!! Thank you!(: