Team training to stop animal abuse

Hello friends, 

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page.  To give you a quick overview, I have joined the Peta Pack for personal reasons.  After giving birth to my son, Finn, I suffered severe post partum depression.  This went on for nearly a year.  I didn't want to go on medication so I began researching natural ways to combat post partum depression and eating vegan seemed to be the best solution.  I challenged myself to eat vegan, no meat or dairy, for 30 days.  In those 30 days, I literally felt like my old self again.   As my husband said, "I have my friend back."  I felt so good, and continue to feel good, I have not looked back since.  I am excited to run the Woodrow Wilson Bridge 1/2 marathon in October to celebrate my one-year vegan anniversary this July!

Eating vegan was only the first step in this process.  As time went on, I did more research on how animals are treated and how meat and dairy consumption contribute to disease, illness and pollution.  I can proudly say, that veganism is slowly becoming my lifestyle.  I am more conscience in my day-to-day decisions of how I am affecting the lives and world around me.

This is my personal journal.  By contributing to my fundraising page, your dollars are literally going towards the efforts of saving the lives of innocent animals.  If that doesn't give you warm fuzzies, I don't know what will!

Thank you for your support and love.