i run for the momma pigs suffering in gestation crates.

i run for the cattle screaming while watching their friends die, knowing their turn is next. 

i run for the circus elephants beaten with bull hooks so they stand on their heads on cue.

i run for the eco systems dying due to pollution from factory farms.

i run for that dog you saw chained up in some neglectful person's yard.

i run to keep myself healthy. i run to raise awareness and to help stop the violence. 

i hope you will take this journey with me by supporting my efforts with the PETA pack, donating to my page, going vegan, or even just taking a walk or run yourself! 


Please donate to support my signature race - the LAS VEGAS MARATHON with fellow peta packers Amanda DiLauro and Lauren Pilla.


***please donate to my page so while i'm killing myself training i can look back and remember why i take these difficult steps.***

for the animals and with love and gratitude,