Running for the Animals

I've pondered running for a few years now. Pondered it. I have learned that pondering running does not actually help you get into shape. Shocking, I know.

When PETA announced the 2014 PETA PACK Run, I knew this was just what I needed to move from my head to my feet.

Animals. If you know me even slightly, you know that animals are a major passion in my life. They are among the innocents of this world. They are the victims of our neglect, greed, selfishness, ignorance, anger, cruelty, and laziness every minute of every day, in every country on the planet.

The 2014 PETA PACK Run will support two major programs: INVESTIGATIONS & RESCUE


The people who do undercover investigations to expose animal cruelty are among the bravest in advocacy. I cannot imagine it. They have to stay in terrible situations, covertly recording and filming abuse, while doing nothing to stop it, though their hearts are breaking. It's important, you see, to document long-term abuse in order to avoid slap-on-the-wrist consequences... or no consequences at all. Without investigators, the abusers would have carte blanche to take out their own frustrations on the innocent animals at their mercy. This is brutal, heartbreaking work. I couldn't do it. But I want to support it. That's why I'm running.


When animal abuse is documented and exposed, whether at puppy mills, factory farms, dog fighting rings, labortories, or private homes... when proof of broken laws has been established, the animals who have survived their abuse often have nowhere to turn and no one to help them. They have - like you or I would have, after such violence - physical and emotional wounds that must be tended. They have to find a new place to live, where they will be safe and cared for. I want to support that. That's why I'm running.

On Nov. 2, 2014 (gulp - 3 months from now!) I will run the US Half Marathon in San Francisco, as part of the PETA Pack. I'm asking you to support me in my efforts to ease the suffering of innocent animals and to give them hope of an abuse-free life. 

I'm also running in memory of my friend, Fred Nash, whose love of animals was a point of connection between us. I know he'd approve of my efforts, and I'll be thinking of him as I progress.

Please consider sponsoring my run. For the animals, for Fred, and for my own health and fitness, I thank you for your consideration.