Team training to stop animal abuse

As a longtime vegan (since 1998), I can say that my physical health—as well as the health and well-being of the world around me—has been of paramount concern to me. Although I was initially interested only in the rights of animals, I quickly began to realize and embrace the multifaceted benefits (for my own health and the environment) of a vegan lifestyle. This led me to become increasingly physically active and more and more aware of how my individual actions impact the environment. In the midst of my college career, I decided to ditch my car and pick up a bicycle. I was immediately hooked. From starting out as an average commuter, I soon expanded to longer and faster rides. I got a job as a bicycle messenger, and before I knew it, I was lined up at the start of my first bicycle race. Although that was seven years ago, I continue to foster the same passion and enthusiasm for the sport—as well as for the ethos and lifestyle that brought me to it.