My run to stop animal abuse

Yeah! The PETA Pack is back and I can't wait to join this exceptional team of compassionate people raising funds to help countless beings who can't even run, walk, crawl, swim or fly as nature intended them to. 

When I joined the PETA Pack last year for the very first time, I had no idea what's to come. I got in shape, met wonderful people, reached goals I hadn't even dreamt of, AND I went vegan which I'm most grateful for. The PETA Pack is not only about raising funds, it's about being part of this incredibly compassionate team and thereby making a difference in the lives of billions of animals suffering every single day.

All the money I raise will go directly to PETA's Investigations & Rescue Fund, which ensures a rapid and effective response to hundreds of cruelty-to-animals calls each week, helps provide neglected "backyard dogs" with sturdy doghouses, and enables undercover investigators to expose the hidden cruelty behind the closed doors of slaughterhouses, circuses, and more.

Making a donation to this page is a way to speak out against violence and support kindness to animals - and to give me the best gift I could ask for! Thanks so much!!

Much love & gratitude,