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I am training to run an "ultramarathon" for PETA Pack - join me in helping animals by contributing to my personal fundraising page. Each dollar you donate will contribute one Taco Bell bean burrito (minus cheese) to my training food bag. These burritos give me the fuel I need to stop animal homelessness. Join me.

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I've been training for this my entire life
Each step... each movement I make, in some way contributes to my training. Maybe I don't "run" every day, every week, or even one time per month. My busy schedule keeps me from the gym more than the average person. However, I take the time while doing my everyday activities to strengthen my "core" and advance my training for the eventual marathon I will run for the PETA pack.
Just an example - I'm waiting in line at whole foods with an assortment of frozen pizzas so that later I can do a "pizza face off" where I go "head-to-head" with the different vegan pizzas to see which one survives. Will it be Daiya's four cheese pizza or the classic Tofurky pepperoni pizza? Or will it be the dark horse entry of the "Bold" vegan gluten free pizza or the vegan "American Flat bread" or "NY Slice" vegan pizza? Until I've been able to warm my pizza stones and get this party started, I'll be eating the pre-made Whole Foods vegan pizzas that I bought (2 slices for five dollars) to keep my strength up.
Anyway - back to my training: while waiting in line, I gently lift and lower the baskets of pizzas and pizza accessories, to tone my triceps. I do "foot lifts," which is an exercise I've developed designed to work the ankles and get them prepared for movement. While standing in line, I gently twist from side to side to strengthen my core. Boom. In the time I spend shopping I've worked in a full 30 minute work-out in just a couple moments at the store.
Maybe it won't be 2013. Maybe my PETA PACK marathon won't be in 2014 or 2015 either. But maybe in 2016, I will be ready to stand up for the animals. In the meantime, allow me to continue my training by supporting my personal fundraising page. Each dollar you contribute will go to the vegan snack food I need to continue my training. Thanks for helping the animals.
-Lester Smiley

by Lester Smiley on Mon, Jun 24, 2013 @ 6:35 PM

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