Team training to stop animal abuse

Hello all,

I am running the Runner's World Half and Festival Hat Trick (A 5K and 10K on Saturday, October 19th and a Half Marathon on Sunday, October 20th) to raise money to stop animal abuse. I did not grow up with many pets, but in my adult life have discovered the love of my cats. They are a part of our family and in many parts of the world, animals are left to starve, are killed for their fur or skin, or held in captivity for our entertainment. I have become much more conscious of the food I eat and have gone mostly vegitarian in the past three years due to my having been educated in the world of animal cruelty. Animals are a huge part of our lives and I hope you will join me in my efforts to educate more people and stop the needless cruelty that abounds in a world that need not be so heartless.