Creating a better world for animals

Hello Everyone :-)

As you may already know, I ran with PETA Pack in the fall of 2012 to raise funds to help and save animals. I trained for months to physically and mentally prepare myself for a 1/2 marathon race (13.1 miles), all while raising funds to meet my $500 goal (which I exceeded thanks to my supporters!) towards PETA's Investigations & Rescue Fund. This year is my third year with the team! So I ask you to please support me in any way you can :-). Read below to learn a bit more about me and my decision to support PETA Pack and lead a cruelty-free life.

Though I never considered myself a runner, nor did I ever thought I would run more than a 5k (3.1 miles), I was surprised as to what I was motivated to do to save animals and spread awareness to promote cruelty-free lives. During the past year, I have learned to value animal life of all forms. Not only do I love my "puppy" Brady, but I also feel deep compassion for cows, pigs, chickens, even snakes, and cats! I have learned they all have feelings just like us, they get scared, cry, scream, feel pain, and fear harm. Knowing such things, there was no way for me to have peace of mind if I did nothing to change the situation. That said, it is through an animal-friendly lifestyle, advocacy, and PETA that I choose to show my commitment towards animals.

Setting part of my story aside, to better understand what I do, you must know a bit more. First of all, PETA is the world's most powerful group fighting for animal rights. Thanks to their dedication, educational videos on nutrition, undercover investigations on animal suffering, and information on their website, (along with personal research I have done), I chose to try out and lead a vegan lifestyle to protect animals. I wanted to make sure no animal had to go through fear, pain, and death in order for me to get something to eat.

Cutting out meat and dairy products from my life was not as hard as I thought it would be. Taking into consideration the benefits of eating healthier, as well as knowing I am making a difference in animals' lives, I think back and wish I had made my decision the very first time I attempted to be vegetarian (back in high school).
Needless to say, it is clear I care for animals- domestic or not, furry or not- I believe they have the right to live a cruelty-free life, a life full of love and happiness, just as we'd like our families to live. Animals should have the opportunity to live their own life away from the suffering in factory farms, science laboratories, the fashion and entertainment industry.

We fight for our rights everyday, so why not do the same and stand up for animals to protect them? Together we can make a difference. Whether it is to destroy the stereotype of pitbulls, provide shelter to homeless dogs, or boycott animal skin/fur goods, your support will benefit much more than you imagine.

Please read more about  animal abuse, a vegetarian/vegan diet, and what you can do to help animals, personal benefits, and the environment :-). Remember, animals are our loving friends! And if you'd like to know more you can contact me as well.

Thank you so much for your time and support!



 (P.S. Your name will be displayed on my page when you make a donation. You can also mail checks to:
       PETA Foundation
       Attn.: PETA Pack
       554 Grand Ave.
       Oakland, CA 9461 )