Team training to stop animal abuse

Until today, my philosophy has been that I don't run unless I'm being chased.

But now I'm going to run a half-marathon.

It's not going to be easy. I'm actually completely intimidated by this plan. But if it can help raise funds to investigate and prosecute cases of animal abuse, I'm all about it.

So I'm asking for your help. Every dollar you donate will help me toward my goal of raising $250 for PETA, the world's largest animal rights advocacy organization. If you know me, you know I love animals pretty much more than anything else, and protecting them from suffering has become a main focus in my life.

Please help me reach my fundraising goal. It's tax-deductible. It'll make you think of happy bunnies. It'll make me feel better when I'm weeping hysterically at mile 3, realizing I've got another damn 10.1 to go. Thank you!!


OMG running sucks!

Okay that's not totally true. I LOVE runs with my friend Ruth and when they're under 4 miles. I could see myself continuing them. Once we get past 5 miles, I'm not enjoying it. But I still have another month to spontaneously develop a "I love this pain!" kind of attitude. I'm sure I'll get there. :)

Thanks to everyone who helped me meet and exceed my goal. If you can continue to help the cause, it is still GREATLY appreciated and even more, needed. 

I love you all!



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