Team training to stop animal abuse

Hi! Welcome to my fundraising page! I joined the PETA Pack to get in shape and raise money for PETA's Investigations and Rescue Fund. I will be running in the HCA Va 8k (my first race ever!) in Richmond, VA November 15th, 2014.

One of the most important parts of PETA's work to stop animal suffering and abuse is our undercover investigations and animal rescue efforts, and your donation will go directly to this effort. These donations make it possible for PETA to provide immediate veterinary treatment, transport, and humane shelter to animals in emergencies. We have had some groundbreaking undercover investigations this year all made possible due to donors, and some terrific rescues. Please check out some of our groundbreaking investigations and animal rescues from this year, and please donate. Thank you!


- Taiwan pigeon racing:

- Horse racing:

- Angora rabbit wool industry:

- Sheep wool industry:

- North Carolina pig rescue:

- Rescued bears:

- PETA's Amazing rescue team: