Half Marathon for the animals: I cannot do everything, but I can do something.

Hello, my friends!

First of all: I love you all for taking the time to visit my page. I know how it is being pulled in multiple directions to donate to countless causes. One of my main concerns about taking on this PETA Pack challenge was the fundraising aspect: having to ask people for support/money. However, I was able to convince myself to rise to this challenge by the simple fact that this is not about me. This is for my dear non-human animal friends. I am taking on this half-marathon run for the animal companions I've had over the years, for the ones I have not met yet, and for the ones that I will never get to meet due to the injustices humankind has inflicted on them. Whether these injustices are for the sake of food, clothing, entertainment, science or whatever other reason, I strongly wish we could come together and embrace the many other alternatives to living. I believe living should consist of loving, supporting, and protecting our fellow creatures rather than competing with one another and destroying each other. I really do believe this is possible. PETA, a large, ambitious organization with support from all over the world, that shares this ideal image of respecting all living beings, is one proof of this. I find everything PETA has accomplished so inspiring, as well as all the other athletes taking on this active challenge. For myself, I am using the term athlete loosely. I love fitness and enjoy many forms of exercise, but I am not an expert, nor am I a great runner. I am going to do my very best, but I am not setting a time goal. I really just want to finish the half marathon(!) race in Vancouver, BC on October 26 and raise as much as I possibly can for the good of all animals, human and non-human. My fundraising goal is $1500. Half Marathon, yikes! Helping others, hurraw! As sore as my feet (likely entire body) are going to be, it's still far more painful to be in any other mistreated animal's shoes (hooves, paws, feet, etc). That's what this is about: raising awareness and trying to put an end to needless suffering. Please help me help them. I really appreciate anything and everything you are willing to contribute. I couldn't do this without you. Thank you so much!