Tell Your Friends

Photo Credit: PETA/Karremann
How would your friends and family react if they knew that millions of individual animals are tormented and skinned alive by the Chinese fur industry each year?

Do they know that more than 50 percent of the fur that's torn off animals' bodies on Chinese fur farms is sold in America?

Do they know that even if they've sworn off wearing fur, they could still be supporting the fur industry, since fur is often used to make companion animal toys and other items?

That's why it's so important to tell them. Once people hear this horrific story, they act. They start to pay attention. They stop buying items made from fur. And they tell their friends to stop as well.

Reaching out to your friends is easy:

Ask your friends and family to light a candle for the lives of the dogs and cats killed for their fur.
Post our video to your Facebook page, and ask your friends to visit our site.
Urge your friends to follow our campaign on Facebook.
Ask your friends to pledge to be fur-free.
Tweet our webpage and video out to your followers, and ask them to pledge to be fur-free.
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