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Dear Friend,

I'm happy to share some terrific news on PETA's global fight to stop Canada's annual baby-seal slaughter. Ryan Cleary—a member of Parliament from the Canadian province where much of the seal slaughter is scheduled to take place—has now gone on the record stating that it may be time to end the massacre for good as the market for seal skin dwindles as a result of animal rights campaigns. This is terrific news and an indication that PETA's vigorous efforts are beginning to change the minds even of politicians from regions where the seal slaughter takes place.

Cleary's statement comes after a string of victories against the seal slaughter. Thanks in part to the help of thousands of caring members and supporters like you around the world, the U.S. and the European Union (E.U.) have banned seal imports, and just last month, Russia—which buys 80 percent of Canada's seal pelts—took steps to ban imports as well. This move came after Pamela Anderson made an international appeal to Vladimir Putin on PETA's behalf. In just the past year, Iggy Pop and Ke$ha starred in PETA's edgy "Canada's Club Scene Sucks" ads, Sarah McLachlan and Joan Jett penned letters urging Canada to give up its challenges of the E.U. ban, and Canada native William Shatner led our Canadian Tax Day campaign to show citizens and lawmakers that millions of Canadian taxpayer dollars are propping up the dying annual massacre. At last, after all these efforts, national media outlets across Canada are exposing the wasteful slaughter for what it is.

We have finally reached a tipping point in this campaign—the time is now to call on Canada to end the slaughter once and for all. Please take a few minutes and click here to urge Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to stop this annual massacre.

Thank you for your unwavering commitment to these animals.

Kind regards,

Dan Mathews
Senior Vice President
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

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