USDA Sees—Then Turns a Blind Eye to—Cruelty

A newly released report from a U.S. Department of Agriculture inspection of Jambbas Ranch, the Fayetteville, North Carolina-based roadside zoo, reveals that the agency has cited the facility yet again for violating the federal Animal Welfare Act. Urge officials to revoke license!

Jambbas Ranch Violations

Ditch Dairy With Emily Deschanel

Watch Emily Deschanel's latest video for PETA, in which the Bones actor exposes the cruelty of the dairy industry. Check it out!

Ditch Dairy Deschanel

Do You "Like" PETA?

More than 1.7 million people have "liked" PETA on Facebook. Are you one of them yet? Join us now!

Goats Like Us on Facebook

Thousands of Ducks Drop Dead

PETA's investigation documented workers as they shoved steel tubes down ducks' throats at the factory farm that supplies Gordon Ramsay's licensed Manhattan restaurant. Help end the cruelty!

Ducks Abused Foie Gras

Confined, Abused, and Electrocuted

Animals on fur farms live short, miserable lives that end with a violent and painful death. Help us do more for animals on fur farms with your gift today. Donate Now!

Fur Farm Abuse

Great Outdoors? Not for Cats!

Feral and free-roaming cats are often tortured and killed in horrific ways, including by being mutilated, shot, and poisoned. Protect cats!

Feral Cat

And the Sexiest Vegans Next Door Are …

Hundreds entered the contest, but only two have earned the title of Sexiest Vegan Next Door and a trip to Hawaii. Meet the two lucky winners now!

Sexiest Vegans Next Door Winners

Race for Animals This Summer

Join the international PETA Pack team and train to run, walk, bike, or swim for animals! Get fit, raise money, help animals, and cross the finish line. Register today!


Urgent Action Needed

bulletURGENT: Ask Spain to Make the Right Decision on Bullfighting
bulletUrge Illinois Steel Company to Halt Reported Bird Poisoning!
bulletUrge Federal Officials to Ban the Use of Seismic Airguns!

The Animal Lovers' Shopping List

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